a|cube is a certified incubator and accelerator of ideas and businesses with high social, cultural and environmental value.

We encourage and support the creation and development of impactful businesses in order to generate innovation and social transformation. This is why we have decided to become a benefit corporation.


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a|cube is advisor of a|impact venture capital fund for which it performs analyses and selects companies to be assisted in the preliminary stages of investment

Our services

  • Design and promotion of calls for start-ups
  • Idea generation
  • Co-design
  • Service and product
  • System design
  • Prototyping and validation
  • Business modelling and economics
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Business growth strategy
  • Investment readiness
  • Fundraising
  • Impact strategy
  • Social impact assessment

We are currently working on

Social and Cultural Innovation

Education and Lifelong Learning



Blue Economy

Sustainable Fashion

Circular Economy

Sustainable Finance

a|cube is program manager of


Talents Venture is a consultancy company specialized in developing innovative solutions for the education sector, including Corporate Edu-Welfare and Edu-Finance.

Endelea is an ethical fashion brand that designs creations in Italy and produces them handmade in Tanzania, supporting and financing local educational programs.

Artonauti develops educational tools to make accessible art and culture to all, including the first sticker album in Italy applied to arts.

Beeopak is an eco-friendly food wrap that keeps food fresh for a long time and can be reused for more than one year.

Using AI, Algor developed the most accessible App to create concept maps and mind maps online from scratch or your documents simply and intuitively.

With vocal biomarkers and artificial intelligence, Voicemed tracks the evolution of respiratory diseases using only a smartphone.

Boniviri selects valuable small growers and bring stheir products to customers interested in buying sustainable, social impact, and quality food products.

Test1 developed FoamFlex200, an innovative and patented technology for the absorption of hydrocarbon spills on water and land.

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